Titanium Jewelry Myths

To many people the titan - the mysterious term. The general understanding of the public for this metal - that is very firm substance, and some can know that it is very easy also, specially for people who posess any jewelry of the titan or hours. We would like to explain some general myths about this metal and to offer a short explanation of everyone.

The titan - recently found metal
The titan in a novelty for many industries and concerned recently many new statements, but metal at first has been found out in 1791 in England. It was revealed the amateur chemist in the dirty form named rutile. It wasn't used widely till last century because the technics to take the titan from its naturally occurred ore remained refusal to 1910. It was used in many statements after has been shown that its alloys can be made commercially, reducing the titan, with magnesium in 1940.

The titan is very firm
It depends. It is necessary to notice that metal (a chemical symbol of periodic table Ti), softly enough, are compared to usually known "strong" version which is the alloys made of a mix of the titan, tin (Sn), aluminum (Al) and vanadium (V). In the jeweler industry the titan is offered in various grades. Pure jewelry of the titan are much softer than other two alloys known as 6Al4V and 6Al4V2Sn. 6Al4V means that the alloy consists of 90 %-s' titans, 6 %-s' aluminum and 4 %-s' vanadium.

The titan - precious metal
Quite opposite the titan is a lot of on the Earth also isn't precious in general. However, jewelry of the titan are listed among silver of precious metals, gold and platinum under categories of precious metal. Besides, the range of the prices for jewelry of the titan is similar to precious metals which are actually insufficient on the Earth. The reason consists that though metal is strongly accessible, process to make alloys of the titan of roads, are compared to traditional precious metals. The technology to create alloys of the titan involves extremely high temperature both a vacuum condition, and rigid control of environment to avoid any pollution. It conducts the prices of jewelry of the titan to a range of jewelry in the same way as gold jewelry.

Jewelry of the titan
Incorrectly. Even thus that alloys of the titan have a high force and proof to clothes carrying, it can be damaged. Actually, it can be worked almost in the same ways as other jewelry, such as change of the sizes, registration, polishing and an engraving. However, the special equipment is necessary to make so. Therefore, in case of an emergency situation, rings of the titan can be disconnected as any other rings except that some special equipment is necessary. Notice that pure jewelry of the titan can be scratched and bent in the same way as gold and silver jewelry.

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