How to Look and Feel Younger

Aging, just like puberty, is a natural process of life. However, most of us aren’t as excited when we start losing our hair and packing on the pounds as we were when our voices dropped and we started wearing trainer bras.

Whether you’re excited about aging or not, Old Man Time will catch up to you, but with these few steps you can ensure that you feel and look as young as possible, even if your driver’s license says otherwise.

Stop Smoking

No, really. Stop. Research has shown that quitting smoking is the single greatest impact you can have on your health and longevity of life.

Drink Only in Moderation

Although your cells may have been able to handle more when you were younger, alcohol not only inflames your liver, but it actually damages the genes that are carried in each cell.

Anything more than a glass or two of wine a day can be taking precious years off your life.

Get Your Shut Eye

Sleep is the most restorative and rejuvenating time and your body absolutely needs that time to regenerate itself.

If you’re skipping out on sleep you’re telling your body that it isn’t important to replace old, damaged cells. And when your body is full of old, damaged cells, you’re going to feel old and damaged yourself.

Male Enhancement

As we age, we slowly stop producing the hormone that helps our cells repair and replace themselves. This is the Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.

Although injections of HGH are illegal unless you have a prescription, there are many HGH products that work to stimulate the production of HGH in the body

This product allows you to have more HGH without risking an overdose.

Have a Good Attitude

A recent study done at Yale University revealed that those who had a positive view about growing older lived seven years longer than those who resented it.

Young people forget things all the time and don’t blame it on their deteriorating brain. Sometimes, effects of aging can be exaggerated in our minds and we can feel older than we really are.

Forgive and Forget

Even if you’re just forgiving yourself, studies show that guilts, regrets and grudges are some of the biggest weights that can push your energy levels down to almost nonexistence.

Be future-minded and think of the past as spilt milk, something that is unchangeable, and evolve from it. Changing and evolving is what keeps us young. So keep doing it!

Don’t Retire

Even if it seems contrary, when you’re old and tired a break from all activity isn’t what you need. Take some time off for a vacation to smell the roses, but don’t ever stop doing something useful.

In fact, some studies show that smelling the roses too long could turn those roses into daisies, as in the pushing up daisies.

So rather than sit back and feel like you have to watch time slowly reclaim your life, try to steal all the time you can and you’ll find you’ll feel younger than ever.