Should You Join AARP?

AARP was in the habit to be the American Association of Retired People.

AARP it is known for representation and conversation on behalf of the growing old population based in the United States.

It is involved in all kinds of actions, such as:

Agreeing about reduced rates for instructions, habitation, sights, the car rentalsm motels and hotels.

It is involved now from the political point of view with the Program of a medicine of Free medical aid Released under the recipe.

AARP has been based in 1958 Etel Persi Andrus and hopes to have 70 million participants for next ten years because of increasing age of the American population.

It is interesting that AARP struggles with the offered changes of social security.

For last some decades AARP has changed the role to reflect a current standard of life and a way which we come nearer now to age with advantage and the purpose.

On the depreciated trips of its web site to Hawaii and Alaska are advertized, just as news definitely connected with seniors, such as employment news, legal consultation, health and the information on suitability and other interesting points.

Now some of actual points with which works AARP:

Medicines released under the recipe;

Medicines released under the recipe for last 5 years have increased much more quickly in expenses, than rate of inflation and as that is heavy burden on Seniors.

AARP does accessible results of researches of changes in the declared market prices of a medicine of manufacturers released under the recipe for 200 logos and 75 most widely used by the American age 50 and.

Social security;

The president Bush, apparently, thinks that there will be no enough of money in the future to pay for Social security benefits for Seniors at today's level.

Its plan of private accounts would allow workers to invest to one third of contributions of the pay-sheet in Stock market.

Based on results of Stock market for the president of time Bush was on duty, it would lead to loss for average the Seigneur taking inflation into consideration.

And the indexation plan that Bush has captured in it on April, 28th press conference, will keep the existing certain theory of "benefit" only for low-paid workers — what earn now less than approximately 20 000$. For all the others, 70 percent of workers, would click system head over heels — so that, the more you earn and pay, the is reduced more than your benefits.

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